Monday, November 23, 2009

The Vegetable of Love

Three years ago the future wife and I went out for the second time to a potluck Christmas party. I brought the following vegetable. She asked what that aroma was in the car and I told her, “America’s favorite vegetable: Brussels sprouts!” My sister and I never had these growing up, but I saw a cooking show extolling them and decided to try them. Now I’m a big fan. The wife liked them too, and decided to keep the cook. Now we call them “the vegetable of love”.

Glazed Brussels Sprouts

Grow Brussels sprouts (or have best friend Amy bring you some). This also works well with frozen sprouts.

Trim sprout from stalk and cut an X in the bottom. Cut any large sprouts in half.

Bring pan of water to boil, add salt and sprouts. Cook til tender, then drain well.

Add some cream and sugar and return to heat. Toss occasionally as the cream thickens and starts to coat the sprouts. Add some lemon juice, S & P, and paprika.

Continue tossing. The sauce will thicken and glaze the sprouts.

This is about how they will look when done. Enjoy!

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  1. I love brussells sprouts (is that spelled right?). Usually make them with olive oil and chopped bacon. Can't wait to try this recipe.