Friday, January 29, 2010

Grilled "Woo Woo" Chicken

“Woo woo” was my mother’s term for Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce. She used to do a baked chicken breast dish with Worcestershire sauce, margarine, and lemon juice. I’ve modified it and now it’s my favorite grilled chicken recipe.
The basic marinade ingredients are Worcestershire sauce, citrus juice, wine, garlic, and olive oil. For a standard package of 4 split chicken breasts, I use about ¾ cup of Worcestershire sauce, the juice of a lemon or two limes, several garlic cloves put through a garlic press, ¼ cup olive oil, an enough red or white wine to cover the chicken. I usually do lemon juice with white wine and lime juice with red wine. Both are good.

Mix your marinade ingredients in a bowl or large pan. I use a large mixing bowl with a pour spout. This aids pouring the marinade out when I’m ready to grill.
I remove the skin from the chicken because it flares less on the grill without the extra fat. Immerse your chicken in the marinade. I like to marinate the chicken for several hours. You can stir the chicken around once or twice if you like. Remove from the fridge about 2 hours before you plan to grill them. Drain the marinade right before you grill them.

Place chicken breast-side down on grill. Cover. Turn after about 6 minutes and grill the other side. Alternatively, you can broil or roast the chicken in your oven. Cooking times vary; use your judgment.

This is how they look after they’re finished. You can test doneness by pressing on the chicken (it’s firm when done), cutting into it, or using an instant read thermometer.

The breasts are so large, the wife and I usually split one. I cut it off the bone and then cut it in half. Here it’s served with Auburn field peas and the wife’s polenta. Yum!

The chicken goes very well with a good chardonnay, like this one we received as a birthday gift from friends Ralph and Anne. Thank you!

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  1. The Ferrari-Carano is one of my mom's favorite. This is such an evil post for you to make and me to have to read when I am holed up in the Hampton Inn in Conway, and had to walk to Subway for dinner because the pizza places quit delivering. But I still enjoyed it. Hope you and Laura are happily snowed in together, eating wonderful food and drinking good wine.